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Our Publications!

Allgoodbooks offer a wide of range of books for children in Pre-School, Kindergarten, Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Junior to Senior High Schools in English and local languages. Publications for these categories include activities and textbooks in English Language, Mathematics, Science, Supplementary Readers, Story Books, Teachers’ Guide, Workbooks etc. The company has enjoyed a rapid growth to become a leading publishing name in Ghana and has over three hundred and fifty (350) publications to its credit.

Allgoodbooks has a number of Facilitator’s / Teacher’s Guides in its publications catalogue. These materials are designed to equip facilitators with the requisite principles in lessons.

Our Partners

At Allgoodbooks Limited, we create lasting partnership with appropriate bodies and authorities in line with our business operations.

This includes both local and global organisations.

What We Do!

Allgoodbooks offer services which include the publication of books for children and sale of stationery items.
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